Once you have decided to get a piercing in Copenhagen, it is important that you find a place you can trust. That is where we come in. Our piercer at Dark Crow Tattoo in Copenhagen has a lot of experience with performing piercings on many different people. This is evident from the customers who have visited us. We offer you the best advice on piercings to make sure, that you get a good experience out of it. Our piercer is very experienced and can perform a piercing fast and as painlessly as possible to make sure you leave our shop feeling reassured and confident that you have received the right treatment.


For us at Dark Crow Tattoo in Copenhagen, it is important that our customers feel safe from the moment they step into our shop. Our piercer has a lot of experience with piercings and other forms of body modification. It Is, after all, important that a piercer is careful and precise in their work to avoid unnecessary pain. So, if you want to find a shop in Copenhagen where you can feel safe getting a piercing, whether you’re worried the execution or the result, our shop is definitely the place for you. Satisfied customers are very important to us, because we know how important the result of a piercing is.


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